We will describe here how to use cracks. Using cracks is the simplest thing. The hard thing is to create them. Before of all you should know that cracks are created by Reverse Engineering groups or individual reversers. Why they do this? Reverse Engineering teams have their ideals about cracking and everything can be assumed in two words: Knowledge and Freedom.

What you need to crack a software:

1. Internet Connection
2. Web Browser (Firefox, Chrome etc...)
3. The URL of a crack search engine (Astalavista)
4. WinZip and/or WinRar installed on your system (download it: http://www.winzip.com, http://www.rarlab.com)

NOTE: You can download Winrar, Winzip and Damn NFO viewer in one pack here:
Winrar + Winzip pro + NFO viewer [password abc123]

That's all for now, lets start with our lesson.

Cracks are distributed in winzip or winrar archive. A crack comes in several categories:

  • Patch - This is a little program that reverse the protection of the target software. Patches are often named: "crack.exe", "patch.exe", "softwarename_patch.exe" or "teamname.exe". The patch aims to the main *.EXE of the target software or a *.DLL. You should know that the patch have to be applied to the exact software version it have been created for. The patch will force you to apply it to the file it aims.
  • Keygen - A little program that generates valid serial numbers under your name. What to say more on keygens? Just download the same version it have been build for. Keygens are often named: "keygen.exe" or "softwarename_keygen.exe".
  • Serial Inside The *.NFO - One or more serial keys inside *.NFO file. For more info on NFO files read below.
  • Already Cracked File - A cracked file that you should replace with the original one inside target installation directory. After replacing, the software should be registered. This kind of crack is named: "softwarename.exe".
  • Loader - This runs the target software as registered copy or stops the trial time. You should always put this file inside the target installation directory. This crack is often named: "loader.exe" or "softwarename_loader.exe".
  • Registry Entry *.REG - Adds registration information to your windows registry and register automatically the target software. Double ckick on it and accept to add the info.

Exercise: Download this crack and inspect the *.NFO and the patch: http://netcrack.com/software-crack.php?id=92866

Note: I recommend extracting crack archives inside the target software installation directory.

About *.NFO files - An important thing to know is how to use the *.NFO file. Inside any crack archive you will find a file with the *.NFO extension. This file is often named "teamname.NFO". How to use it? You should not double click on it coz this will open the system info utility. To view this file contents, drag and drop it inside a Notepad blank file or rename the file from NFO to TXT and double click on it. To view the NFO as it is supposed to be viewed download a NFO viewer. On a crack searcher engine search for "Damn NFO viewer" (without the quotes) download and run it and accept to associate file extension. Doing this you will open NFO files with double click. Inside *.nfo file you will find the crack release information and how to apply that crack.

Written by: MiStEr_X
Page last updated: 13/03/2006
Contact: support [at] foff [dot] tk

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